Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Add Your Blog | Suggest a Link for Free

Add your link for free. Suggest a link to your blog or site for free here. Simply post a comment on this page containing:

the title of your blog
the URL to your site
a short description of yourself or your site.

You may place any other information you would like to publicize regarding your blog.

The information you submit will be reviewed, and after the review, I will be creating a post that will feature your blog. The post will contain a screenshot of your blog and the information that you provided.

Regarding the links to your blog / site. Links to your site will be placed on this blog. These links are DOFOLLOW, meaning, they pass PR weight to your blogs. Also, links to your site will be placed on my main blog (caerberuthedreamer), but because I use that blog to earn money online and must maintain the PR of the main blog, please understand that those links at the home page will be NOFOLLOW. This means that it will not pass PageRank juice to any of your sites, but will still help your site get indexed in search engines faster. Also, those links will deliver traffic to your site as many visitors are fond of blog hopping through the blogroll.

Regarding reciprocal links .I do not require reciprocals, however, I would appreciate a link back to any of my blogs or pages.

No pornographic, racially discriminating, violent, and other indecent sites will be accepted.

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